"I won't hire a grad assistant unless I would eventually hire him full time"

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After practice yesterday Bronco Mendenhall touched on a basic philosophy that many head coaches around the country share when looking to hire a graduate assistant. 

"I guess I'll share a basic philosophy. I won't hire a graduate assistant now unless I would eventually consider him to be a full time coach here."

Bronco talks about how current secondary coach / special teams coordinator Nick Howell had a sincere desire and hunger to prove himself at BYU while he was interviewing for the defensive grad assistant position a few seasons ago. According to Bronco, Howell eventually flat out worked circles around everyone else in the office.

As he explains at the end of the clip, the cycle of graduate assistants that staff has helped develop have been able to successfully pass along the lessons learned and work ethic needed as the new graduate assistants are brought in.

Bronco echoed many of the things that were highlighted during many of our Inside Scoop episodes. If you want to be successful as a grad assistant, or are working to get into a graduate assistants role, work your tail off, be sincere, listen and learn, and be the first one in, and last one out of the office. That's what head coaches are looking for when they have an opening for a full time assistant. Prove yourself daily.