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"Intense" environment at Cincinnati

Roy Manning, the first year running backs coach at Cincinnati, sat down with the Bearcat film crew to talk about his approach to coaching and his influences as a coach recently.

"My approach to coaching is bringing energy everyday, bringing toughness, being ready and willing to compete everyday, and then having some fun out there. I think when you play a game like football, and when you coach a game like football, if you don't have an energy and passion, and your not ready to compete and learn and get better each and everyday, I think your wasting your time."

Cincinnati has been able to roll out at least 10 wins in the past 4 out of 5 seasons. Butch Jones has created an environment up there that Manning simply describes as "intense". 

"From the morning when you wake up 'til you go to bed at night, Coach Jones puts it in you to always be thinking of what you could be doing, ways you could be getting better, ways you could be improving. So, for a young coach, I think that it definitely helps me and keeps me motivated each and every day to just try and be my best."

There's also some footage of Manning out on the field "giving the business" to his running backs as they run through a ball security drill, as well as some brief pointers in the meeting room for pass protection on their roll outs.