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"It doesn't do us any good to practice in here"

Last week Jim McElwain had his team practice in their indoor facility for the first time this Spring....and McElwain says he might never use it again.

The faciltiy is only 2 years old; but it's also only 70 yards long, and that's a problem for Mac. "I've got to really evaluate" whether they'll continue to use it. "And to be productive and successful, it doesn't do us any good to practice in here."

McElwain added, "Obviously it's disappointing that it's so small that you're not able to actually get a full day's work out of it. That's why we had to condition at the end, because we weren't able to actually run a practice." 

The timing of the revelation and the article strikes us as somewhat odd; but we do have to question the logic of building a 70 yard indoor in Colorado...although we don't think the University of Colorado even has an indoor. Perhaps a 50 yard addition might be in the works in the future.