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"It will change the perceptions about UNLV"

About a year and a half ago UNLV started to get the ball rolling on getting an on campus stadium, and last month the Board of Regents gave the thumbs up to move forward with the project dubbed "UNLV Now".

The Rebels still need to finance the plan which has a price tag of about $2 billion, with at least $500 of that being needed for the stadium. For athletic director Jim Livengood, the price tag is well worth the rewards and the effects of an on campus stadium would beyond just football.

“It sends a huge message across the country to people and our fan base that UNLV is very serious about having success. It will change the perceptions about UNLV.”

“It changes the city for the day. Game day is what college football is all about. The stadium would create that environment. It opens your campus for the day.”

Coming off of back to back two win seasons, Bobby Hauck agrees, and not just for the sake of the football program and how it would help in recruiting, but also for the University as a whole.

“A new stadium on this campus not only dramatically changes the football program, but also transforms the entire university. I’m excited about the opportunity to see UNLV become one of the premier campuses in the United States, and that’s what UNLV Now does for this school and this community.”

“Everybody, myself included, wants to know when that shovel can go in the ground,” Hauck added.