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"It's easier for us to learn words than teach 60 kids a new system"

When Kyle Flood handed the reigns of the offense over to Dave Brock after Frank Cignetti took the quarterbacks job with the St. Louis Rams, Flood knew he was getting a coordinator that was going to challenge the offensive players physically and mentally.

“He’s been very aggressive with the installs. Certainly all the offense we have in right now I don’t know if we would carry all of it into a game. I think we’d be a little more game-specific. But I like the way we are challenging the players and what it allows us to do is really see what the players do best.’’ Flood noted.

Brock, who worked with Cignetti at North Carolina, kept most of the verbiage the same in order to simplify the process for the players, and had the coaching staff shoulder much of the new learning.

“It’s similar. It’s not the same,’’ Brock said about the offense compared to last season's. “What we did was we kept a lot of the same terminology. The reality is it was easier for us to come in and learn words than for 50 or 60 players to learn a whole new system. There are certain things that we've put in that they didn't do in the past. But from a terminology standpoint it's almost identical to what it was.’’