David Yost: "It's fun to game-plan against good defenses"

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Missouri offensive coordinator David Yost is really looking forward to their first SEC game against Georgia.

Part of the reason for that involves the challenge of calling a game against a defense with talent like the Bulldogs, led by a defensive coordinator like Todd Grantham. Last season, Georgia finished with a top 5 defense.

Yost knows he's going to get multiple looks from Grantham throughout the game.

"It's fun to game-plan against good defenses. It's fun to game-plan against good defensive coordinators that you know are going to keep bringing stuff at you. You know what you see on the first drive isn't what you're going to see all game. They're going to keep pulling stuff out, so you've got to constantly be on your toes."

"Just because it doesn't work doesn't mean it isn't good, or just because it does work doesn't mean it's going to work against everybody either. There's always little things. We're going to try and put wrinkles in and give them looks and try to put our kids in the best position to be successful."

Yost plans on showing up prepared and just continuing to "do what they do."

"We believe in what we do. We believe we can do what we do against anybody we play against. So there's always that factor. Then it becomes a situation where now you've got to go do it. All the talk's done. Saturday night, when the game's over, they'll be able to judge what we're attempting to execute and what doesn't work and what we have to get better at, too."