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"Never Again"


"Never Again" has been the battle cry posted all over the Alabama locker room since last season after giving up a 24-0 lead in an eventual 28-27 loss to rival Auburn.

Alabama strength coach, Scott Cochran has used the "never again" cry throughout the off season as motivation leading up to this weekend's rematch. Starting in the winter, signs were distributed in each locker, and for the players to put in their room for the constant reminder to never get comfortable.

The top of the motivational poster has the score when Alabama was up 24-0, and at the bottom is Auburn's Cam Newton and Nick Fairley celebrating with the final score in the background.

Auburn enters this weekends rivalry 7-4, 4-3, while the Crimson Tide are hoping to keep their national title hopes alive and improve on their 10-1, 6-1 record.