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"Positive Vibe" at West Virginia

The partnership between Oliver Luck and Dana Holgorsen at West Virginia has been very strong in their first full year together. The Mountaineers are bracing for the move to the Big 12 after wrapping up the Big East title last year with a successful 10-3 campaign (including the 70-33 drubbing of Clemson in the Orange Bowl).

According to a recent article by Andy Staples of SI, Holgorsen spends his time focusing on two things, practices and meetings. The rest he feels more than comfortable leaving to Luck.

"He understands football. He understands what you need to be successful. There is a lot of stuff I don't have to worry about because he's already taken care of it. He lets me do my job. Oliver worries about stadium upgrades, suites, club levels, parking, seating. I don't even get in the middle of it." 

The transition to the Big 12 brings welcomes some familiar territory for Holgo, and he has shared insight on the logistics after the move with Luck. "Dana is so familiar with it. He tells me, 'When you go to Ames, this is the only hotel you can stay in. When you go to Stillwater, you do this.'" That's kind of info has got to be invaluable when heading into unfamiliar territory.

Luck has noticed that the players are also looking forward to the change in scenery. 

"The last couple of months, there has just been a really nice attitude. Kids are smiling. I know from going through spring ball many times that you're not always smiling. There seems to be a real positive vibe. Part of that is the new challenge of the Big 12. Part of that is Dana being in control" he explained.

The hiring of Holgorsen, approval to sell beer at home games, and the move to the Big's remarkable what Luck has been able to accomplish in just under two years.