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"Teams are made in the summer"

Jim McElwain has had his hands full evaluating his new roster up at Colorado State, and as the spring game wrapped up, he recognized that it was now time for the most important period in player development...the summer spent with the strength staff.

"The big thing is these guys have to dedicate themselves in the offseason. Teams are made actually during the summer. Spring ball is good to see what they do, get themselves on film. But really, as a team, how they jell, the things that they do, it really all has to do with summer. I know we've got a great strength staff that will get these guys going, and that's going to tell a lot about who we're going to be next year."

McElwain said the 15 spring practices gave him and the staff the opportunity to really figure out what the guys do well, and what they may need to adjust to schematically. 

"Really the biggest key for me is not to ask guys to do things that they're not very good at, but to find out what they're good at and then put them in situations to be successful."