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"The better you are, the less you have to do"

Gary Nord worked under Howard Schnellenberger for a number of years, and also served as the offensive coordinator and eventually head coach at UTEP. The past three seasons, Nord has ran the offense for Danny Hope at Purdue.

The Boilermakers have struggled through numerous injuries to key players the past couple seasons, which prompted the Big Ten Networks Tom Dienhart to ask Nord what the playbook will look like in 2012.

Nord's response was simple and to the point, and should speak volumes to coordinators out there in similar situations as fall approaches.

"I’m not necessarily interested in having a deep playbook. Usually the better you are, the less you have to do. When you aren’t very good, you have to do a lot to keep them off balance and try to trick them all the time. That’s not the way you like to call plays. You like to be able to call them and be successful at them because you are better than the other team. The better you are, the less you have to do."