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"The hardest thing to do on defense is tackle in the open field"

When Chip Kelly was the offensive coordinator at New Hampshire, he went down to visit the offensive staff at Clemson to figure out how to better use his one back scheme in the coming season.

The Tiger's offensive coordinator at that time was Rich Rodriguez. The two shared some ideas that evolved and eventually played a major role in how their offenses took shape over the years. Kelly returned to New Hampshire with the zone read, which is something that has continued to be a staple of his offenses for years.

This weekend, the two coaches will square of for the first time in their careers, and each of them will be bringing a ranked team with them.

“I think we traded a lot of ideas. He got our film and we got his film." Rodriguez said when reflecting back on that meeting. "We do some similar things, and then we do some things differently. Chip obviously has done a great job with it."

“I think philosophically, Chip is probably the closest to what we believe in offensively and how to go about it than anyone else out there.”

While they each have their own differences, Rodriguez explains that one principle remains the same.

"The main philosophy is us getting fast guys the ball in space. Whether you’re throwing it to them or handing off to them, you’re trying to get the guys the ball in space."

"The single hardest thing to do on defense is tackle in the open field.