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Quad-A-Thon: Competition in the weightroom

Lavell "Dinky" Williams has been at Northern Colorado as the director strength and conditioning and sports performance since January, and has moved quickly to put his stamp on the program.

One of the things that Williams implemented was a two day competitive fundraiser revolving around lifting and agility drills that they tabbed as the "Quad-A-Thon". Players would compete for points in competitions such as the hang clean, bench, 40 yard dash and broad jump, amongst others. The goal for the strength and conditioning staff was to have 15 players score over 300 points out of a possible 435.

After all was said and done the team had lifted an impressive 38,000 pounds, and the players demolished the expectations for the scoring system as well with 25 players eclipsing the 300 point mark. Williams says that they're planning another Quad-A-Thon before fall camp and he expects to have 35 guys go over the 300 point mark.

With donations being made for the amount of weight lifted, the program still has a healthy amount of donations flowing in. One guy said that he wanted to donate $1 for every pound lifted...until Williams told him of the 38,000 pound total.

The video below is a great highlight of the enthusiasm and camaraderie that the Quad-A-Thon fostered for the guys at Northern Colorado.