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Quick Hits: Addazio, George McDonald, Steve Kragthorpe

Steve Addazio talks about the future at Temple: "There's a lot here still to be accomplished. Al molded the program, but we haven't won the East, not won the MAC, and not won a bowl game. Those are the immediate goals and that's what's in front of us. It's never been done and we've got to do it."

Quoting Miami (FL) wide receivers coach George McDonald: “Being an NFL coach after you leave college is like getting a PHD in the football world. You are immersed in football. All you’re doing is talking about football. You are just absorbing it, such great resources. There are so many great coaches that have coached 20 or 30 years. You just learn so much. It’s just like you’re in a doctorate program.”

(on his first impression of the wide receivers) “Wow. Capital W…o..w. They look the part. Now, looking the part and playing the part are two different things.”

“I try to train your eyes. We want to frame the ball. That’s one thing we are going to pride ourselves on…being fundamentally sound.”

Steve Kragthorpe says his wife is healthy and ready to move to Baton Rouge: "She's doing great. She's doing great with the medicines. Everything's going great. After her heart surgery, things that were on her EKG (electrical heart test) for 40 years are gone. There were great doctors in Oklahoma City that took care of her there. Everything is full speed ahead in terms of her health and the way she feels. If she didn't feel good about it, then I wouldn't have jumped back into coaching. But she feels great about it. She's excited about moving down here to Baton Rouge. So is Nik. He'll be down here in about 10 days."

"I think Les and I are on the same page. Les and I paths first crossed when I was at Texas A&M and Les was there with Oklahoma State. I think our philosophies mesh very well. We want to be a power running team with a quick downfield passing game."