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Quick Hits: Al Golden, Dave Doeren, and Mike Price

Funny quote from Mike Leach today: "One year, for bowl gifts, we gave them iPods. Another year, we gave them some sort of machine that did something. I don't know what it was, but it did something."

Quoting Al Golden from the Joe Rose Show this morning: (on his first job) “Everything always comes down to people. It’s going to be a lot of personnel.”

“With things changing at Florida, it’s going to be a mad scramble. Coach Fisher hasn’t been at Florida State for 20 years either, so there’s not really an incumbent in the state right now, so we’ve got to get crackin’.”

“I think that could be our greatest asset. I we can supplement this with NYC metro and some Pennsylvania kids, that would be huge.”

(on Penn State) “That’s Coach Paterno’s job. I don’t discuss Coach Paterno’s job. I am committed to being here.”

“Things are going to be different. We’ve got to get back to demanding these guys have excellence, especially in the strength program.”

Quoting Northern Illinois head coach Dave Doeren: “Sleep will not happen here until signing day. But that’s OK.”

“At Wisconsin, we’re the lowest-penalized team in the nation. I think people that watch football know that we’re not getting because we’re not physical.

“We truly took pride in taking our opponents down and getting to the fourth quarter and watching them quit. That is what I want to do.”

Memphis AD R.C. Johnson says Larry Porter is recruiting all over the country: “ Larry was in Utah last week and he’s in New York now to recruit.”

Funny quote from UTEP head coach Mike Price regarding the BYU offensive line: “Their offensive line is 6-foot-6, 315 (pounds) across the board, average age 32, four kids. They are very good on the offensive line. They are huge."