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Quick Hits: Bo Davis, Nick Aliotti, Hank Hughes

Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti talks about preparing for Cam Newton: "I've been sleeping like a baby: I wake up every two hours and cry."

Bo Davis describes interviewing with Mack Brown: It was very thorough and kind of surprising. Coach Mack [Brown] asked a lot of questions - which were good questions - because they check your character out and see what kind of person you're getting to come work with your kids, and I think that's very important. It was very thorough.

“Even when we talked about contracts and all that, I said, 'Coach, me personally, they don't even have to have a contract with me. You can walk up and shake my hand. I'm an old country boy. You shake my hand and give me your word, that's what I go on.' I don't get into how long are you going to be here and is this going to determine my fate if I come here. I don't get into that. To me that's not important. The opportunity you have to come to a great university like the University of Texas - that's what I care about. And getting a chance to coach some young, great players you guys have here. That's what I like to do.”

UCONN interim head coach Hank Hughes wants the job: "In this business, you're combat ready. We didn't bat an eye. Obviously, there was some conversation. [But], you move on.”

"I'll say this, coming as an assistant coach moving up to be the interim head football coach: I know two programs that have had a lot of success promoting from within — Texas Christian, TCU, and Boise. They moved the program forward by continuity. I talked to [Hathaway] the other day and let him know I want to be the head football coach here.”

Stanford Cardinal - Orange Bowl highlight film: You can see Harbaugh's locker room speech at the 6 minute mark.