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Quick Hits: Bo Pelini, Chad Glascow, and Jon Embree

Bo Pelini describes what he wants from his offense: “(We want to) really cut down the playbook in such a way that we get good at something.”

“We want to attack people. The system’s going to be highly adjustable and one where we can go after people and make them pay for doing things that we feel give us an advantage.” 

“That was what I set out to do, is really take the same thought processes that we employ on defense and apply them to the offensive side of the ball — and have people think that way.”

Chad Glascow explains accepting the Texas Tech defensive coordinator job: “I think it's a little bit of a longer story, but it's a great deal. Coach Tuberville had Coach [Joe] Walker, the strength coach, call TCU whenever the job first opened and our strength coach at TCU said "Nah, Chad's not leaving. Chad's not gonna want to do that." And I don't know, three weeks later in the deal, [defensive line] coach [Sam] McElroy called me and said, "Hey, we've got this deal here. Are you interested in it?" 

“I said, ‘Shoot, yeah!’” 

“He said ‘Coach Tuberville is out recruiting today, but I know we've talked about you a tremendous amount with the staff and some of those things.’ Coach Tuberville had just gotten some bad information, but I'm glad it all got remedied. I can promise you that.”

Colorado head coach Jon Embree talks about his plan: "If you asked the players, 'What are the three plays we're going to run on offense if we have to get a first down?' They couldn't name one. The way we practice. The way we train. We had no identity. We just kind of showed up and played."

"I told the team when I got the job: 'I saw a team that hoped they could win but didn't believe they could win. They were just showing up and playing and seeing what would happen. That's not Colorado football."