Quick Hits: Bronco, Dave Brandon, Cut, Willie-T, Dan Disch

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Bronco Mendenhall is looking forward to coordinating the BYU defense again: "I am (excited), just because it allows me to work more intimately with at least a portion of our players. I get to see a lot of players on a daily basis, usually handling things that they're struggling with or providing counseling or support.”

“What I really enjoyed last year was having the chance to actually be able to instruct and teach again. I love to teach, and one of the things that directed me toward being a coach is that I love the teaching. Coaching is nothing but teaching and teaching is service-oriented. That's based on love and caring for whomever you're teaching and have stewardship over."

Wyoming offensive coordinator Dave Brandon talks about meshing with Dave Christiansen’s offensive philosophy: "Now, basically, the offense we ran at Bowling Green, Dave's running here. It'll be fun to get that cranking again."

"We're not far off. We're going to need a quarterback, but there are some very skilled players. We've got more speed, the offensive line is getting bigger and stronger. The kids understand the system, the coaches have been in it ... so I think that's all positive."

David Cutcliffe says Duke will be “younger” : "I don't know how we found a way to do it, but we're younger than we were last year."

Western Kentucky head coach Willie Taggart talks about offensive coordinator / wide receiver coach Zach Azzanni’s role: "(Azzanni) knew coming in that we were going to run our offense, but we wanted to enhance it. I'm all for new suggestions and doing things new ways, but one thing I didn't want is for our guys to have a lot of new learning. I wanted them to continue getting better. He's bought into it."

Southern Miss defensive coordinator Dan Disch says his defense has been average at picking up the new system: "It's a matter of keeping focused and trying to improve. I think they've done a pretty good job of picking it up. We've thrown a lot at them. I think they're enjoying trying to do a lot of different things. I'd give them a C+ or a B- on picking it up. We've only had five or six practices and we've still got seven or eight to go. If they can improve from this point forward, it'll be a successful spring."