Quick Hits: Bronco, Rich Rod, Hud, and Borges

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Bronco Mendenhall says the core of the offensive will remain the same under new offensive coordinator Brandon Doman: "I think it will be different, but not to the point where the fans will watch and say, 'That doesn't resemble anything like we've seen before. It will be simply preserving the core of what we've done at the highest level over six years and then stimulating some progress around the outside of it that could possibly complement what we already do well.”

Rich Rodriguez says Ohio State didn’t negative recruit again Michigan, but others did: "(We experienced) … a lot of negative recruiting (while at Michigan). People just bashing individual coaches and schools and programs, and I think that's a bad practice to do.” 

"Some people would think Ohio State-Michigan is such a big rivalry, they probably did a lot of negative recruiting. They didn't. There were other schools that did, but they didn't, and that to me sends a message they're trying to do things the right way."

Chris Petersen talks about allowing Bob Stoops to attend practice: "He was the one always saying early on he wanted to come out and watch us practice after we played them. We just couldn't make the time. I'm the one that said 'hey, I'm coming to watch you practice.' He was good enough to let us come out there, then decided he wanted to come this year. We usually don't let guys in, to tell you the truth ... we do get a lot of requests."

ULL head coach Mark Hudspeth excited about moving into new facility last week: "It's going to be a big-time Division I facility. Totally new offices, totally new everything. The only thing that's not new is the brick on the outside of the building."

Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges says the running backs are fired up: "I think, I can just sense it, and maybe I'm missing a read on this, but our running backs are more fired up about this transformation than anybody on offense. Because they're going to get the ball."

"This offense is more complicated for a running back than the other offense. It's two different spectrums. In this offense, you're involved in every scheme of protection, you're involved in all the run game. It's not like you may get it — you're going to get the ball. And then the passing game becomes so sophisticated because you have to know everybody else's route, because it dictates what your route is."

West Virginia AD Oliver Luck says the university will honor former head coach Don Nehlen throughout this Fall: “I like the schedule. We’ve got a great home slate and I love the fact that we’ve got Bowling Green coming down. That’s Coach (Don) Nehlen’s alma mater and we are going to recognize him over the course of the weekend (Sept. 30/Oct. 1). I don’t want to go off on a tangent here, but I don’t think that we have ever properly honored Coach Nehlen for all that he did for the football program and we are taking the opportunity to do so this year. We will have more than 40 former Mountaineer quarterbacks return to campus for the game to honor Coach Nehlen (Remember, Don was a quarterback himself at Bowling Green). In the process we are raising some significant funds in order to endow four “Don Nehlen Quarterback scholarships.” In addition to Bowling Green, we have LSU and Marshall coming in. I’m glad that we’ve got a lot of early games. We are going to have a more explosive offense this year so it probably helps not playing a lot of conference games in November when the weather can get bad.”