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Quick Hits: Chip Kelly, Chizik, Spurrier, and Harbaugh

Chip Kelly: “We don’t want to be known for our uniforms. We want to be known for our players.”

Oregon AD Rob Mullens: “What it does for your football program, for your athletic program, for your university is beyond anything you could ever buy.”

Gene Chizik: "He's (Cam) probably, the best football player I've ever seen. If you look over a 13-game span, I've never seen anything like it. It's running the ball, throwing the ball. Great quarterbacks usually do one better. What God has blessed Cam with the ability is to do both."

Steve Spurrier: “It didn't happen for us. We needed to play a really, really good game. And we weren't very close to that. But give Auburn credit. And so I think Auburn's got a chance to win it all, if they play like this. I think Oregon will play a lot better than we did, certainly. But they do have a chance to win it all in about a month or so. But, anyway, Cam Newton, not only can he kick it and run, he's an excellent passer. We couldn't stop him. We knew we had to stay on the floor offensively..

Monte Kiffin: "I would have thought (UCLA) would have (had more success this season) with the coaching staff and recruits. But you can't plan this out with injuries."

Jim Harbaugh: “I only talk about the job that I have and that’s the Stanford Cardinal. I have a sign on my door that says, ‘Just coach the team.’ That’s a sign that my Dad gave me and that’s what I try to do.”

Barry Alvarez praised North Texas for hiring Dan McCarney: “Dan was the first guy I hired at Wisconsin. I watched the [UNT] press conference online, and Dan and his new associate head coach [Mike Canales] reminded me of when we got to Wisconsin. We took a program that was flat on its back and built it from scratch. The athletic department was in debt and there were 17,000 fans in the stands the last game before we got there. We went out and were selling blue sky to recruits our first year, and that class helped us win the Rose Bowl.”