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Quick Hits: Dabo, Kevin Wilson, Todd Monken, Addazio

Dabo is hyping Clemson’s brutal 2011 schedule: “This is certainly the most challenging schedule since I have been at Clemson, including my time as an assistant.”

“I don’t know how many teams nationally have three straight games against FBS teams that won at least 10 games the previous year. All Clemson fans will be excited to have the defending national champions come to Death Valley.”

“Florida State and Virginia Tech back-to-back is a tall order to open the conference schedule. We are going to have improve on the road over last year. The five teams we play away from home won 44 combined games last year. Those will all be difficult places to play with sold out crowds.”

Kevin Wilson explains how he plans to install an offense at Indiana: “I’m a no-huddle offensive guy, so I move fast. But I’ve never had a playbook where I said we have to run these plays. Who’s your quarterback? What can he do? What’s your offensive line? What can they block? These are the things you have to look at.”

“You have to run the ball. You have to be physical. You have to take care of the ball. We’ll try to be wide open. But, offensively, you have to work toward your strengths. We’re not coming in and saying, ‘This is the system.’”

Oklahoma State offensive coordinator / quarterback coach Todd Monken says he doesn’t know what the offense will look like: “To be honest….that is an interesting question because I really don't know.”

“If Dirk Koetter would've left the Jaguars and I would've become the coordinator there. I would've run what they'd run.”

“I don't know how we don't. With those guys already knowing it, it just doesn't make any sense (to change) when you only have three weeks (during spring football). You'd waste the whole spring.”

“With that being said, I'm not Dana and I can't go out and teach it that way.”

Quoting Temple head coach Steve Addazio: "I love challenges, I can't wait. Listen, this program was in limbo and while in limbo, it hit rock bottom. Now we're going to put a bubble on the field, we have all kinds of things going on here for a high school football player to look at us. They'll be involved in a program that's going up. It's Division I football, and it's tough. We want to be a program that continues to win, and want our kids to be around winning in a city that embraces sports. You can't beat that."

“We want to keep Philly kids in Philly, without a doubt. Not everyone can go to Penn State. But, you have to be smart. Like any sales, you target any opportunity and the people that you think you have a chance you can get. I don't want to spin my wheels against kids who don't have a chance of coming here. That's what we have to do, target accurately.”