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Quick Hits: Dantonio, Stoops, Ferentz, Pinkel, and June Jones

Mark Dantonio says the Spartans’ great players have to play great in order to beat Bama: “Our great players have to play great. Our players who are outstanding in their own right need to play at that level for us to be successful in this game. We can't have a substandard or an average performance by Greg Jones or Eric Gordon and expect to win. So this is about offense vs. defense, this is about individual matchups at times, this is about us measuring up. It's about the focus and us being emotionally ready.”

Arizona head coach Mike Stoops started 7-1 before losing the final 4 games of the season: “ I would say disappointed would be an accurate assessment of where we finished. A little frustrated. But, again, I have to look at where you are at as a team and as a program and the way you compete and how realistic (are) chances you have of winning every time you step on the field. And that's the overall view that I take and really don't feel bad about where we are at as a program and how close we are. Certainly there are some areas we need to improve to take the next step in trying to accumulate more wins and continually compete for championships. We fell short in November and December, but, again, I still feel like our program is stronger and is continually getting stronger each year.”

Quoting Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz following 27-24 win over Mizzou: "We've been in a lot of close games - in the past three years, actually - and it's a lot more fun when they come out the right way. It's a credit to our players. They believe in themselves and prepared for this."

Quoting Gary Pinkel following 27-24 loss to Iowa: "I'm very disappointed. It is very difficult in the locker room with kids that you love and you have been through so much this year and you come out of a tough, close game and a loss."

SMU head coach June Jones talks about preparing for Army: