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Quick Hits: Kelly, Whittingham, Petersen, and Fedora

Brian Kelly wants a particular type of player at Notre Dame: "We have some guys that play because there are 81,000 in that stadium. "But most of our guys---would play if not one fan showed up for the game. Those are the guys that I want."

"We had too many guys here that were interested in the walk from the basilica, wearing the Notre Dame helmet, and running out before 81,000. That can't be your prime reason for being at the University of Notre Dame. Now. we've changed a lot of that."

Kyle Whittingham likes that Utah is a 17-point dog to Boise State: “Our team seems to function pretty good when they’re in the underdog role and have a chip on their shoulder.”

Chris Petersen calls out Vegas, doesn’t understand 17-point favorite: “Shocked. Obviously somebody’s not studying tape. We study tape and I know this is a very even matchup and I think we’ll have to play our best if we hope to win.”

Larry Fedora compliments Charlie Strong: "Charlie is going to get after it. He's going to coach hard. He's got a philosophy, and he believes in it. It's proven. It looks like those kids have bought in. He's done a heck of a job getting to this point."

Southern Miss DC Todd Bradford explains “tough year” : “It was a tough year. It was a tough last game against Tulsa (a 56-50 loss). People do not know realize you lose those three players (linebacker Tim Green, linebacker Martez Smith and end Deddrick Jones) in the shooting and all three were playing a lot of minutes for us. The emotions of beating Central Florida came down with the incident and the short week with Houston were tough. We have to play with passion and emotions to be successful. But it starts with me and we will get better.”

(on practicing for Houston following the shooting of three players) "Practice was odd. Everyone deals with emotions differently, and there's no right way to deal with it. Not only were the players dealing with those kinds of emotions, but you have coaches that are very, very close to those kids. I've spent more hours with those three kids than with my three children over the last three years."