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Quick Hits: Manny Diaz, Brennan Carroll, Will Muschamp

Quoting Texas defensive coordinator Manny Diaz: "No offense has ever scored in football. The defense has only allowed them to score."

“We had beaten Michigan on Saturday, driven from Jacksonville to Starkville on Sunday and Monday night we were just sitting around the house when Coach called, and that will just change your week. I can assure you that out of all the weeks I've had, this one has been right up there.”

“I don't think I've ever realized I could become a big-time coach. Anyone that sits around and says, “Hey I'm a big time coach” - I think that's a little strange to me. But I am absolutely humbled by the turns that my career has taken. There are a lot of great football coaches in this country and not all of them get to stand here and wear this shirt. The fact that for whatever reason that I was chosen to do this is something that I don't take very lightly. That's why I am so grateful and honored to be here because there are a lot of people as or more qualified to be here. But the way it's worked out, I’m here, and I'm absolutely excited to get going.”

Miami (FL) tight ends coach Brennan Carroll talks about his decision to join Al Golden’s staff: “My decision process was: it was Miami. How could I turn it down? Tight end U. Tight ends coach. I had to come check it out. It wasn't very hard. The only thing I had to really make sure was that it was good for my family and that the kids could make the transition. I talked it over with the wife. She was great about it. We're in a new area now. But you're in Miami."

Will Muschamp talks about getting the right fit in recruiting: “Just like I did when I was defensive coordinator at Texas when I ran the defensive [recruiting] board. We’ve got certain things that we’re looking for at each position. It’s about evaluation. It’s about taking the right guy. Not necessarily taking the best player at that position; he might not be the right fit for your football team or your university. That’s a huge part of what we do as coaches, is evaluating and taking the right players because there are a lot of good football players out there.”

“I’m not worried about the guys that don’t sign at Florida, I’m worried about the ones that sign at Florida. We need to do a great job of developing those players. A lot of these young men that go other places, I’m going to see them once a year. So I’m not as worried about them as I am the ones we are going to have on our campus.”