Quick Hits: Muschamp, Jim Grobe, Fedora, Bob Toledo

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Will Muschamp says he expects defensive coordinator Dan Quinn to call the defensive schemes on game day: "Dan and I worked together before, so that's kind of why we get along so well — we have a philosophical belief in how you play. I plan on him calling it right now as far as what we're doing, but I'm going to be involved. In my role, you play to your strengths, and my strength is on defense, special teams and recruiting."

Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe talks about staff adjustments: "This was a great opportunity to help ourselves offensively, and I don't think we'll miss a beat defensively. We'll be better just because our kids will be older, but it's really more of an opportunity for us. I hate to lose Brad, but in losing Brad we're able to make ourselves better on the offensive side, and hopefully with Brian coming over we don't miss anything because we've got another really experienced defensive coach coming over to help us on defense."

Southern Miss head coach Larry Fedora talks about Spring practice: “You look at our offense and think ‘Hey, If they can fill a couple of holes they’re not going to miss a beat. But on defense, it’s a whole new deal. It’s an entirely new system and there’s a learning curve. We need to get in as much as possible so (the players) feel comfortable headed into fall practice.”

Tulane head coach Bob Toledo talks about his concerns entering Spring practice: “I’d say our quality depth at offensive line isn’t as good as we need it to be, so that’s a concern. We have some good players there, we have four or five who have played quite a bit. But we just don’t have a lot of depth. If we get some injuries there, that could be a problem.”

“We gave up more big plays than the great majority of teams in the nation. We’ve got to eliminate the big passing plays — we gave up more than 40 — and then the only one who really performed well last season was (senior) Phillip Davis, he only got beat deep one time. … He’s the one we’re going to miss the most.”