Quick Hits: Muschamp, Joker, Mack, Jay Norvell, and Dooley

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Will Muschamp says the Gators are extremely well-conditioned: “We have a very fit football team right now. We have very few guys that have a weight issue as far as being overweight. You probably could count them on one hand, which is unusual.

Joker Phillips is optimistic as Spring practice begins at Kentucky: "We hear it; we're not in a cave. We hear people's concerns. We've lost this, we've lost that. We've lost a lot of production before. We didn't have a tight end for a couple of years and we made do with it. So it's not a concern of ours."

Quoting Mack Brown: "We're starting every day with special teams and ball security and turnover-forcing drills. The most important thing in college football is turnover ratio."

Quoting Oklahoma co-offensive coordinator / wide receivers coach Jay Norvell: "We played our best football down the stretch last season -- Baylor, Oklahoma State, Big 12 title and Fiesta Bowl. We feel like we can build on that. We basically have all of our skill players back other than DeMarco. He did a lot of things well. It's hard to replace a guy like that. But we think we will have more leadership with Landry, Stills, Broyles. That's exciting and encouraging, guys who have done it in big games."

Derek Dooley is glad he is past his first Spring practice at Tennessee: “Last year I spent three days telling them we don’t do chants during practice.”