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Quick Hits: Muschamp, Vaas, Callaway, Cignetti

Will Muschamp says coaches were calling about special teams coordinator / linebackers coach DJ Durkin: "I have two guys that I really respect in this profession that both called me and said, if you don't retain him, I'm going to hire him. That was a good motivating factor too, competition."

South Florida quarterbacks coach Peter Vaas is awaiting a call from Frank Spaziani: "I'm excited about the days ahead. It's just a question of am I putting on snow skiis or water skiis."

UAB head coach Neil Callaway compliments Will Friend, who is leaving the UAB to join Mark Richt’s staff as offensive line coach: “I know the people that you’re talking about and they’re all good coaches, but I’d put Will Friend up against any offensive line coach in the country. I think he’s that good.”

IUP head coach Curt Cignetti says he was surprised to get a standing ovation at the end of his first team meeting as IUP head coach: “This is a team like Alabama on a relative scale. I'd heard they'd gotten a little soft. So I went into the first team meeting and talked kind of tough. Nick (Saban) had the tremendous influence on my beliefs. I got that blueprint in my head, in terms of establishing core values. I went in and talked to them about discipline, commitment, paying the price, sacrificing, toughness. After about 20 minutes I walked out and they gave me a standing ovation. I couldn't believe it. I was touched.”