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Quick Hits: Neuheisel, Les Miles, Spurrier, and Dave Brandon

Rick Neuheisel will be more involved in the offense: "During my assessment of our program, I felt it was necessary for me to be more involved in the day-to-day operation of the offense. I decided that going forward, I will coach the quarterbacks and will be more hands-on in the area of play calling with a new coordinator.”

Les Miles talks about Gary Crowton and Steve Kragthorpe: “ We're going to miss him. We feel like the opportunity always is to get better. I told my team this, I said, 'Had I left (to Michigan), there'd be a better football coach standing in front of you today than me.' And the reason is because it's LSU. It's not because there's another opportunity, but that in fact LSU is a great place.”

"Steve is a very strong fundamentals coach. He'll improve our ability to throw. The main criteria for me in this hire was No. 1, a fundamental football coach to be able to affect our quarterbacks' abilities to throw the football better and more accurately. No. 2, experience in the throwing game. We'll want to come out and throw the football, and we want to throw it more efficiently and we want to throw it more times. I needed to have a guy who could show me not only that he would pass it, but that he could teach that passing in a very logical, very fast, efficient manner to our guys. And then therefore, I could expect that the passing would be better. And certainly an experienced play caller."

Steve Spurrier talks to the crowd at halftime of the South Carolina vs. Kentucky basketball game: “Six years ago, I stood right here and said, ‘Why not us? Why can’t we win some championships?’?”

“Obviously, we had hoped to win 10 games, hoped to win the bowl game, but we didn’t do it. There are still some firsts out there for some of these recruits. If we can add two or three players to this team and coach a little better, we have a chance to do some good things.”

Michigan AD Dave Brandon defends that Michigan will pony up the money: “Fact: we went after Greg Mattison and we convinced him to leave a highly successful NFL football franchise. An important part of making it happen involved us being prepared to pay for the talent and experience we needed. Fact: I understand the dynamics of the marketplace and we have and will pay for top talent to keep our programs successful."