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Quick Hits: Spurrier, Golden, Stoops

Steve Spurrier thinks the Big Ten is at a disadvantage for not allowing oversigning: "I think that really hurts them a lot. They end up giving scholarships to a lot of walk-ons."

Here’s Bobby Petrino’s recruiting plan, according to the Wall Street Journal:He signs 19 players he knows are "academically gonna make it without being a load on our academic support staff," six guys who may or may not qualify, and three to four players who have "absolutely no chance" of qualifying.

An unnamed NFL coach told ESPN’s Bruce Feldman that UNC should have played for the BCS National Championship: "They should've been playing for the national title with the talent they had. Their defensive personnel was [expletive] sick. They looked more like an SEC team than any SEC team last year because they had freak D-linemen inside and out, linebackers who can outrun running backs and playmakers in the secondary. No one had talent like that. Not even close. If anyone could've shut down Auburn this year, this would've been the bunch that could've done it."

Miami (FL) head coach Al Golden talks about his concerns heading into Spring practice: “Secondary. There’s no secret we lost three really good corners. That doesn’t leave us bereft of talent, it leaves us lacking experience. Our linebacker depth is not where it should be now, so we’ll work on that as well. And boy, would I like to see something really explosive coming out of that wide receivers group this spring.’’

Bob Stoops not excited about playing Florida State again: "No. Because of all the improvement they've made. It's no fun playing your brother. In the end, it's not what you want. I said that going into the game a year ago, I didn't like it and I knew I didn't like it and after the game I was sure of it. But they are doing a great job so I am proud of him for that and I know they are going to continue to make improvements."