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Quick Hits: Tracy Rocker, David Shaw, David Lee, Mizzou mat drills

Tracy Rocker admits he was shocked the Titans hired him as defensive line coach: "I never knew. I've never been one of those guys who politicked for a job. I guess I always felt if I was doing something right, someone would notice. So when Coach Munchak called and said he wanted to bring me in for an interview I was shocked. And I'm still shocked to this day I've been (hired).”

"The No. 1 thing is I am always looking for leadership … and the next is to go to work. Stop talking and get better at your craft and be willing to perform every week at a high level. The hardest thing at being a good player is can you do it the next week, and the week after that? You have to be consistent, and that is what I strive for.''

Stanford head coach David Shaw closing spring practice to focus on going to the next level: “We had one spring practice that was open for everyone to see. Now they’re all closed. Now it’s time to see who’s tough, who wants to rise.”

“When you reach that championship level, you don’t just sit there and enjoy it. You make it harder on yourself. Then you see who’s tough.”

Ole Miss offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach David Lee says Houston Nutt will improve his game management with subtraction of play-calling role: “I remember being a head coach way back 100 years ago. When I took over play-calling, I felt like I really didn't know what we were doing defensively, not like I should have. I didn't have time to look at the kicking game or the opponent's kicking game. I was planning, coordinating, calling plays and coaching quarterbacks.”

“I can remember being mentally stressed and tired from wearing all those hats when November hit.I think this will give him a chance to improve his game management as a head coach, to call the shots and manage the game. He can oversee defense and the kicking game.”

Highlights of Missouri mat drills: