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Quick Hits: Tubs, Pelini, Mullen, Rich Rod, Dooley

Tuberville's statement regarding James Willis: “I wish James the best of luck, but it is important for (the) football team to keep pressing forward. We have a great defensive staff here that will carry the load along with my assistance as we prepare for Northwestern.”

Bo Pelini visited the San Diego Zoo on Sunday, will visit Sea World on Monday: "I'll do it all. I was at those places (last year). I'm going again. It's fun. It's a good experience. They're big places. There's a lot to do. You get to do things you didn't get to do last year."

During his own career, Dan Mullen has always studied Rich Rod’s offense: "I would watch every West Virginia game on tape, and I've done the same thing with Michigan. Rich does a fantastic job of getting the ball in the hands of his playmakers, which is the great thing about the spread. ... It allows you the flexibility to find different ways to get the ball to those playmakers in the open field."

Rich Rod says, “There are no patents on schemes” : "It's like if you've seen one West Coast offense, you've pretty much seen them all.There are no patents on schemes. We probably watch each other on film a little more than we let on and have snuck ideas from each other."

Derek Dooley compares college athletes from then and now: “When we were in college it was football, school, and girls, and, ‘Where are you going tonight?’ Those were the challenging issues at hand. These guys, there’s a lot more stuff flying.”

James Franklin says, "I can guarantee you that we will have a quarterback here." :