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Quick Hits: Willie Simmons, Stan Drayton, Todd Graham, Skip Holtz

New MTSU offensive coordinator Willie Simmons talks about his plan: "Whether it looks like Tony's offense two years ago or Rich Rod's Michigan offense from this last year or Clemson's offense from 10 years ago or even our offense from last year, we're going to spread it out and play fast. When you're around the game, you pick up things from everybody. That's just part of growing. But this will be Middle Tennessee's offense, and we're going to mold it to the players that we have."

Ohio State wide receivers coach Stan Drayton talks about Ohio State vs. Florida: “There are some differences here and there, but there's such a difference systematically that I'm involved in right now. Florida and Ohio State, they're totally difference mind-sets schematically. Ohio State has recruited to fit their system, and it's not the same system Florida is going to recruit to fit. Here, it's no big deal having a 235-pound running back in this offense that's going to get downhill in the iso play, as opposed to a jet sweep team where you want to get a 10.2 guy. There's not too many 10.2, 235-pound guys out there. But you've got a Jeff Demps, who's 190 pounds and can get out there and run that speed sweep. So both programs have done a phenomenal job of recruiting the athletes that fit their system.”

Quoting Pitt head coach Todd Graham: "I'm going to get hired and fired based on winning football games. But I'm going to do it my way, period. I don't believe the most talented, best team always wins. More times than not, they don't — it's the best football team that plays together, the team that loves each other and the team with standards."

Quoting Skip Holtz: “When you look at it, you're one play away in the Syracuse game. You're one play away in the Pittsburgh game. You're one play away in the Connecticut game. When you look back at how close you were, that just kind of gets you salivating to look toward 2011. And to see what's returning on this football team, it really gets you excited for a new season.”