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Quick hits with Stock, London, Nix, Willie T, GP, and the Zooker

Rick Stockstill’s team at MTSU is (-20) in turnover margin, on pace to finish the worst in 13 years in D1 football: “It’s going to hang over me this offseason anyway and until it gets corrected. Since I’ve been in this profession, I’ve preached (winning the turnover battle), and I’ve talked about it more than anything.”

Mike London not too happy that Virginia ranks 118th in penalties: “It's not just a linemen, it's maybe the wide receivers on the edge, trying to capture the edge with their hands outside. You look at things like this and you make sure you address it by getting an umpire to stand back there (during practice) and officiate up front what's going on. If you see anything close to a hold, throw (the flag). But that's all part of that process of learning.”

“The lack of discipline would be personal fouls, unnecessary roughness with your head or sideline warnings. As animated as I am, I never got called for a bench foul, and that's been called in the conference.”

“So is that a discipline thing as far as players handling themselves? I think we have to do a better job of teaching hand placement with receivers, offensive linemen or anyone that's blocking on the perimeter. So we'll continue to learn. You'll see we'll do better. I'm responsible for that.” 

Ole Miss defensive coordinator says “put it down that we’re going to make plays.” : “The plays are going to start going our way. So if you want to quote it, put it down that we're going to make the plays on Saturday (at LSU)."

"Our attitude. Our attitude. We haven't quit. We haven't given up and we worked harder today than we had all year."

WKU head coach Willie Taggart appreciated text message following 36-35 win over Arkansas State: “Oh I received a lot of them. I got some pretty interesting texts, too. It was good. Some of them called me a stud, gutsy call, some other things that aren’t appropriate. They were jacked up for me and happy about it. Some said ‘I wouldn’t have done that, that’s a little Jim Harbaugh right there.’ ”

“The ones that mattered the most were the ones I got from the Harbaughs. I got one from all those guys and that always means something to me. They’re always watching and supporting and that means a lot (to me).”

Gary Patterson begins lobbying for TCU: "It's very hard to be undefeated. If it was so easy there'd be a whole lot of people that did it. We'll go play anybody who's in that top 10. Whoever wants to play, let's go. We've never backed up from anybody. You can look at our schedule; we're still not backing up."

Quoting Ron Zook heading into game against Northwestern at Wrigley Field: “I think we've just got to go back and play the way we played in the past, like I said the first eight games. There're some things I think we can do to help that. I think we've got it rectified, now we'll find out if it works.”

“Well, I don't know if mystified is the right word. But once again, they are the same guys, the same coaches, that played in those first eight games. They're still a good defense, they're still good coaches and they're still going to play the way they are capable of playing. I believe that and we're going to go from there."