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"Unofficial" videos

Delta State has played some pretty good ball the last few years winning 10 or more games in 3 out of their last 4 seasons. In December, head coach Ron Roberts was named head coach at Southeastern Louisiana and a few weeks later Jamey Chadwell was named the new head coach.

Even successful programs like Delta State are always looking for ways to put more fans in the stands and to generate additional buzz about their program. Someone at Delta State came up with the idea of using their unofficial mascot (the Fighting Okra) in what they hoped would turn into a viral marketing campaign...we think we're about to do our part to help!

We don't know when this campaign began; but several "Fighting Okra" videos have made their way onto Youtube. The first one we saw (there were several before this one) was fairly tame.

But, the one we saw this morning was downright funny. 

We're not sure where all of this is headed; but these videos are short and well put together and are beginning to capture quite a following on youtube (we're beginning to see some buzz about them on Twitter). Overall, this has to be considered a success for Delta State.