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Quotes (and video) from Spurrier

We caught the following quotes from Steve Spurrier's press conference today...

On lessons learned from the ECU game, "I learned it's always beneficial if the other team fumbles to you three times in a row."

On Georgia's plan against Lattimore, "They are going to stack the box...maybe we need to throw the ball better to beat em."

On telling his players the importance of this game, "I hope all of our players know that Georgia is in our division; but I'm not sure if they do or not."

"We're trying to play better this week than we did last week"

"Connor Shaw is fine. He saw what happened...he understands that Stephen played a lot better than he did."

On Stephen Garcia, "We've been asking Stephen to shave for 5 years now. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't. I think a QB should be shaven....quarterbacks should wear their hats forward facing, you know normal, quarterbacks should look sharp." 

Asked how he votes for the Heisman, "I vote for whoever I want to...yes, I do try to vote for guys on our team..."