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"We increased the budget for recruiting by probably 100%"

Vanderbilt Vice Chancellor of Athletics David Williams sat down with The Tennessean's Jeff Lockridge to talk about the off season recently.

Williams was asked how much more money was spent on recruiting this season compared to years past, to which he responded with a laugh "A lot".

Williams said that he doesn't know exactly how much was spent until they get all the bills and receipts back, but he does know that they increased the recruiting budget by about 100%.

"Anytime James decides to fly on a private plane or a this case a has to be approved. I think I got requests almost on a daily basis (the week before National Signing Day). I would expect when the bill is paid, it will be a lot. It will be within the budget, but we’ve increased recruiting a lot."

That budget allowed Franklin and his staff to land one of the best Commodore classes in recent memory.