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"We're going to be like a fire department"

Last spring, Hendrix College announced that they were bringing football back after a 52 year absence. In March they named Louisiana College associate head coach Justin "Buck" Buchanan their new head coach.

With an extensive background as both a player and coach at the D-III level, Buchanan understands what small college football is all about.

“It’s real college football,” he explained during a recent speaking event. “The players may be an inch or two short or a second or two slow to play at another level. If you watch our games, you’ll see players who are going to be future doctors and lawyers and teachers and coaches and professionals who are playing the game like it’s meant to be played. You will be seeing players who will play as hard as any at a college level because they are playing it because of the love of the sport and each other.”

Buchanan went on to share a story about a small fire department that had been called on to respond to a large fire. The big departments were already on scene and had just started to set up when an old fire truck from the small department blasted through the barricades and put out the fire with only sand and old blankets. Buck used the story as an analogy for how him and his staff plan to get the Hendrix football program back on track.

We are going to be like that small fire department and just go rushing in and start working. We are going to build a great program with a great foundation and great young men, And just like that little fire department, we are going to reap the rewards. Our institution will reap the reward and our young men will reap those rewards.”