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"Winning is a monster that never gets fed enough"

Really good video here from Randy Peterson of Hawk Central sitting down with Greg Davis one on one.

The interview is split up into three parts, but the most interesting clip is the one below. Davis talks about the environment at Kinnick, and how to deal with critics, as well as one thing about the coaching profession that he learned as a young coach at a coaching clinic from Tom Osborne.

"He said, obviously you didn't get into the business for money, and if you got into the business to go into the wrong business because your never going to win enough."

"The only way that sustains you in the business is your love of the game and the people that coach it and that play it."

"...and he's exactly right. It's a monster that never gets fed enough."

The article also has an interesting lesson on cowboy boots that linebackers coach LeVar Woods learned from Davis while on the road recruiting in Texas.