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Randy Edsall focused on building a program, instilling accountability

Maryland begins practice on August 9th under new head coach Randy Edsall. After 29 practices, the Terps will host Miami (FL) during a Monday night nationally televised primetime game.

Because the season-opener is a conference game, Edsall said the program needs to have a sense of urgency. “It’s not like we’re opening against a D1-AA team,” said Edsall.

The immediate goal, however, is to build a foundation for a program, not just a team. “I really believe you have to come in and establish that foundation,” admitted Edsall.

“I’m a coach, teacher, parent, and mentor. What I’m doing is preparing these guys for life. After they leave in four or five years, they need to go out and produce to earn a living and probably support a family. All we are trying to do is get them understand there is a right way and wrong way to go about your life. It’s giving them responsibility, but then holding them accountable.”

“I basically have two rules for them. Be on time and do what’s right.”

Looking at his team, Edsall said, “We have a nucleus of young men that gives us a chance to be a really good football team this year.”

The downside is the Terps will only get 17.5 hours with the players each week instead of the usual 20 hours. The Terps will also be without two grad assistants during August camp.

On the bright side, Edsall believes quarterback Danny O’Brien is a special player. He added, “Then to me, he is very grounded, humble, and realizing he needs to work every day at his craft. He’s fun to be around. He can joke with you. He knows when to joke, knows when to be serious. He's just got this infectious personality and he's a great leader.”

The most important thing, according to Edsall, is for this these guys to play as eleven.