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Randy Edsall looking forward to new uniforms, apparently a Wiz Khalifa fan


Maryland is set to unveil brand new uniforms later this month.

One of Randy Edsall’s goals is to create a surge of in-state pride that will parlay into stronger local recruiting. Edsall is making an effort to keep the best local talent in the state of Maryland at home to play for the Terps.

In order to accomplish that goal, Edsall asked Under Armour to create new uniforms that will feature “Maryland” on the chest of the jerseys. In the past several years, only the word "Terps" has appeared in small letters across the front.

By all accounts, the new uniforms are drastically different than the previous look. Maryland is essentially recreating its brand.

Gone are the player’s names on the back. In addition to the traditional red and white uniforms, Maryland will now have alternative black & yellow uniforms. Edsall, from what we hear, is a huge Wiz Khalifa fan. Always on his iPod.

Here’s a sneak peak at some photos that have leaked. (We’d hate to see Maryland (all gold) vs. Wyoming (all brown) in a bowl game).