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Randy Edsall responds to outrageous question

The world coaches live in... Despite winning 25 games over the last three seasons and winning a Big East championship, UCONN head coach Randy Edsall had to react to a question about fans calling for his job security.

Edsall responded, "That’s one of those questions that doesn’t matter how you answer it. You’re going to have problems how you answer, so maybe I’m better off just not answering it at all. People can have opinions. There’s a statement that I would make, but if I made this statement I would really be in trouble."

"I could probably say it and get away with it, but I think some of you might have already heard that statement that opinions are a lot like other things." 

"I didn’t get dumb overnight. I didn’t get stupid overnight. Some years you have pieces of the puzzle. Other years you don’t."

"Sometimes you spoil people. Maybe the level of expectations are a little bit higher than the people who made those expectations really know anything about. Believe me, if I worried about that I would never have been in the profession as long as I have, or as long as I want to be in it." 

"Like I said, I’m the same guy I was last year when we beat Notre Dame, South Carolina, when we won the Big East championship. Like I said, I didn’t get stupid overnight."

UCONN is 3-4 this season and hosts West Virginia on Saturday.