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Randy Edsall talks about leaving UCONN for Maryland

Randy Edsall just wrapped up his introductory presser at Maryland. We thought the highlight of the presser came when AD Kevin Anderson responded to a question about not naming a big-name that would create buzz on the east coast.

Anderson emphatically responded, “I would say, ‘We got a damn good football coach here.’ The reason why I know is because of I have a bunch of friends that know football and I’ve gotten a bunch of emails from them. There is no question in my mind that I hired somebody that is going to win.”

Edsall explained, “I came here to win championships. I am a coach and I want to win at the highest level. Every year, our goal is to win the ACC championship. If you don’t, there’s no sense for me to be here. There’s no sense to coach. Every place I’ve been, we’ve won.”

Edsall added, “Life is about opportunity. You can’t be afraid about winning championships. You can do that here at Maryland. You can’t be afraid to talk about it and say it.”

How did you tell the UCONN team you were leaving?

“I tried to do the best I could, given the situation. I would have liked to have seen those young men to tell them. I thought to do the next best thing and got on a conference call before the announcement, there were probably 40 of the kids on the phone and I tried to express to them that certain things happen in life. I tried to explain to them that they will opportunities to do what is best for them and their families. I told them I loved them and wished them good luck.”

“It's tough because there was no way…our kids weren’t on campus. They don’t go back to campus until after Martin Luther King’s birthday.”

How do you plan to increase the fan base?

“The way you do it is you become visible. You go out and speak. You go spread the message and spread the word. You have to get out into the community. Winning is a big part of it, but there are other parts as the head coach that I have to do as the head coach and I plan to do that.”

Edsall closed the presser by talking about future scheduling.

“We’re Maryland. We ain’t playing 2 for 1’s. We are Maryland. We don’t have to bow down to anyone.”