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Rebel Life series: The weight room

Ole Miss is doing a new series entitled "Rebel Life" highlighting the Ole Miss program under Hugh Freeze. The second installment of the series focuses on the weight room and the strength and conditioning staff.

As a few of the players explain, the mindset of the team has been changed and bumped up a notch since the arrival of head strength coach Paul Jackson and assistant John Thompson.

Coach Freeze and the staff have also stressed the importance of accountability to the team and stressed the belief that if one of them succeeds, they all succeed, and if one messes up, they all mess up. In order to demonstrate this, the team was split into groups of ten this off season and if one player isn't meeting expectations, the whole group is punished, but on the same token, if someone is doing exceptionally well, the staff makes a point to recognize that in front of their teammates.

The staff has also organized a morning training table starting at 6:30 am equipped with an impressive breakfast buffet to make sure that they are starting their days off on the right foot.

"Everything we're doing is to make them better football players" Jackson explained. "We will produce the fastest, most explosive team in the conference, there's no doubt about it."