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Recruiting: How one D-1 coach utilizes Twitter

Many of us know, or use, Twitter as a means of staying informed of news around the country, or to keep tabs on family and friends from a distance.

West Virginia corners coach Daron Roberts uses his account to keep family and friends informed of everything from his adventerous appetite, to the occasional motivational quote, as well as how he uses it to help build a personal picture of his recruiting targets.

"I will glance at Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. I don't monitor on a daily basis what my recruits will tweet or what they post to Facebook, but there will be some times when I will go through the pages to see what a kid's interests are. It helps build a picture of the student-athlete, but it's not a substitute for personal interaction."

"The young men that I'm dealing with, the parents and the coaches who I have to get to know, they all use Facebook and Twitter every single day. I believe that you have to use them, too, just to stay in the game."

In an article from last month's Missouri Sports Magazine, Roberts was listed among the "50 College Coaches you Should Follow on Twitter" because he has "all the makings of an intriguing tweeter".

For those of you new to Twitter, or just curious, the Charleston Daily Mail talks about the five components that make a good Tweeter, complete with some advice from Roberts on how it applies to his thought process when using social media. Included the advice is one simple thought process that he uses before posting anything.

"I always think before I post anything, 'If my boss, Dana Holgorsen, reads this or one of my recruit's mothers reads this, will I feel comfortable with them reading this? If I answer yes to both, then I don't hesitate to post."