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Recruiting the recruiters

A handful of head coaches have been recruiting double duty this off season recruiting both student athletes, and the recruiters. 

We have seen a number of the coaching professions best recruiters opt for a change of scenery in recent months, shining light on head coaches recruiting the recruiters.

Kevin Sumlin says that "It's probably more difficult to recruit coaches...and coaches' wives...than it is five-star players because of the competition out there."

Steve Sarkisian expanded on the same principal, and kept it all in perspective by saying "We want to pound our chest on how much football we know, but if the players can't execute it, then that part is a bit irrelevant. You have to have the players in place to do it. So we went out and tried to identify some guys that, I think, were not just good football coaches, but were good recruiters. I think in the end, it did have a direct impact on what we were doing."

Bret Bielema shared that when he was a young coach, he got frustrated with being known as a great recruiting coach, and wanted to focus on being a good football coach. Bielema acknowledged that you reach a certain point in your career where you can be more valuable to a program by the players that you bring in. "They're the lifeblood of what we are. Don't think I ever lose sight of that" he added.

The original article by ESPN written by Mitch Sherman can be found here and includes commentary from Paul Rhoads and more from Bret Bielema.