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Recruiting trip kept Bud Foster from Vanderbilt interview

The Vanderbilt search committee contacted Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster, but Foster wasn’t able to interview early on due to a pivotal recruiting trip, according to The Roanoke Times.

Foster wanted to meet with Vanderbilt officials at a different time.

Foster said, "I told that to the search committee people, and they understood. I talked to them after that, and I gave them a date that I thought would be a good time for me if they wanted to continue on with me, and I haven't heard back from them. They might have taken that as maybe I wasn't interested."

"I've got a great job here. That's an SEC job, but I might have a better job here as the defensive coordinator at Virginia Tech.I say that because you guys know my personality. I don't know how I would do when the best you can do is maybe win five or six games a year playing your best football.”

Foster has proven over the years that he is one of the top defensive coordinators in the country. Mark Richt and Jimbo Fisher have made runs in the past at hiring Foster. 

As Herm Edwards would say, “HELLO?”

Let’s hope Coach Foster gets his opportunity soon. 

Let's also hope that recruit signs with VA Tech and doesn't bust a coverage in a pivotal situation later in his career. Foster will be thinking, "Son, you cost us a touchdown. You also probably cost me the Vandy job and $2 million a year."