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Reminder: Don't let a resume mistake cost you your dream job

With reports coming out this morning that Manhattan basketball coach Steve Masiello will not be heading to South Florida after all to be their new head coach due to a discrepancy on his resume, we felt it was important to remind coaches at all levels to take another look at your resume to make sure everything is accurately portrayed.

Masiello apparently noted that he graduated from Kentucky, but after a standard background check, USF officials found that to be untrue. Masiello had already met with his Manhattan team to let him know that he taken the other job, and he now faces the daunting task of returning to campus and facing his team after not only that, but with the mistake that has been brought to light, he will also have to face the administration that hired him.

With the coaching carousel slowing down a bit in the football realm, take a few minutes to look over your resume and make sure everything is accurate and see that your resume reads exactly how you want your future employer to see it. 

In today's technology driven search process, finding the truth is as simple as typing something into Google, picking up a phone, or doing a simple and standard background check. Your career, livelihood and reputation are worth the few minutes it would take to make sure that everything is as accurate and up to date as possible.

Don't let a stupid mistake cost you your dream job.