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Rich Rod

Rich Rodriguez was introduced today as head coach at Arizona and had the chance to field some questions from the media.

During the search process AD Greg Byrne sought some advice from coaches such as Urban Meyer who told Byrne, "If you hire Rich Rodriguez, you'll be getting one of the 5 greatest minds in college football". 

Rodriguez said that he plans to hire three or four guys that he has worked with in the past, and the guys that he hires that he has not worked with before will have recruiting ties to the west coast. He hopes to announce a few hires as early as next week and have his full staff in place by Christmas and will hit the recruiting trail himself, early next week. 

Rodriguez's contract is reportedly a 5 year deal worth $9.55m, including additional income coming from IMG and Nike. His base salary will be $1.5m this season followed by a raise in the base salary to $1.6m and $1.7m in the coming years. Potential bonuses he can earn include $150,000 for playing in the national championship game, $100,000 for any other BCS game, $75,000 for being Pac-12 South champs, $75,000 for being Pac-12 champions and $75,000 for being in a non-BCS bowl game. 

The Wildcats will kick off the Rich Rod era in 2012 against Toledo on September 1st. Our guess is there will be a few points scored in that one.