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Rich Rod describes his life over recent years in lengthy Q&A

In a lengthy Q&A with Free Press reporter Mitch Albom, Rich Rodriguez essentially described his life over the past few years. 

Here are a few of the interesting quotes from Rich Rod:

“I've got thicker skin now. I've got alligator skin. ... But anybody who says they don't care what people think about 'em is probably not telling the truth.”

“Probably the misperceptions that are out there. You meet somebody for the first time, and you spend 15, 20 minutes with them ... and they say, ‘Geez, Coach, you guys aren't what we thought you were.’... And I say, ‘Well, how did you think we were?’ Cause I don't read the papers. ... Why put myself in a bad mood by reading something that's so far off base?”

“I wish every one of our fans could spend a week in Schembechler Hall. If they spend a week here just hanging around with the coaches and the players -- they'd know everything is OK -- and they would probably be surprised it's not what (the perception) is out there.”

“I'm healthy. My family's healthy. We got a great job. We're in a great place. I'm as happy as I can be. Rita (wife) and I talk about how much happier we're gonna be when all this other stuff is gone and we're winning and we're having success. ... Boy, it's just gonna be terrific, you know?”

You can read the entire Q&A right here.