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Rich Rod: I'm hungry as ever. I don't want to lose my confidence

Former Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez opened up to the media for perhaps the first time in recent weeks.

Rodriguez told the Associated Press, "I'm hungry as I've ever been to coach. I don't want to lose my confidence. We have a formula that can take a team to BCS bowls and compete for national championships. If I'm at the right school that gives you total support and is pulling in the right direction, I think we'll do that."

Reflecting back, Rodriguez admitted, "We saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Heck, we had 24 starters coming back, and the player of the year in the league — he's a sophomore and still learning. Recruiting, we thought it was going really well even with all the drama.

"That's the frustrating part about it is we didn't get a chance to finish the job."

After going 60-26 as the head coach at West Virginia, Rodriguez finished 15-22 in his three years at Michigan. To win at the major D1 level, everyone within the program needs to be the same page. It didn’t work out that way for Rich Rod.