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Rich Rod makes some on the field changes

Rich Rodriguez has made some changes on the practice field after the first few spring practices.

One of the additions is a stoplight so that players know what tempo they should be practicing at, and we hear it's green (meaning "go fast") most of the time. The first few practices the head coach wasn't happy with the tempo and the pace they moved from drill to drill, so the stoplight was added as a visual.

Rodriguez also added a large blue arc on the front entrance of the practice field to help remind players that once you cross that threshold, it's time to leave everything else behind and just focus on football. 

"Once they cross the blue line, academics, personal issues and everything else has to go in the background and it’s all football, and when they cross back over, I hope they still think about football a little bit, but then their focus can go to other things as well.” he explained.